Constitution of the Republic: Index

Note that this constitution is still in the process of conversion to HTML. The first five articles (of seven, and the first two are the longest) are already converted, and the rest should be up in HTML shortly. In the interim, please see the plain text version for everything after Article V.

Update: Never did ghet the full version in HTML... It's on the list, tho. In the meantime, I've done a major reorganization making Article II, Chapter B and Chapter B-2 from the original chapter.

Front matter

Article I: Declaration of Rights

  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Right to Privacy
  3. Non-interference Rights
  4. Freedom of Religion and Culture
  5. Property and Corporate Rights
  6. Duties of All Citizens

Article II: Form of government

  1. Basic Outline
  2. Elections and Eligibility
  1. -2 The Hare/STV system of Proportional Representation
  2. Making and Executing Laws
  3. Other Means of Legislation in Certain cases
  4. Money and Corporate Matters
  5. Wars and Emergencies
  6. Appointments and Impeachments
  7. Law Enforcement and Executive Organization

Article III: Authorization of Laws

  1. Non-felonies
  2. Felonies

Article IV: Judiciary and Due Process Rights

  1. Organization of the Judiciary
  2. Criminal and Detainee Due Process
  3. Civil Due Process
  4. Limitations of Government
  5. Interpretation of this Constitution

Article V: Amendment

  1. Amendment of this Constitution
  2. Limitations on Amendment
  3. Process for Amending Limited Provisions

Recent modifications

Articles VI-VIII coming soon

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